Pearl and Marina Now on Sale

Pearl is here! And both are now available in the shop!

Click here to go straight to the listing:

Labor Day Sale!

Labor Day sale will be going on this whole Labor Day weekend! Make sure to check it out :)

New Plush Pattern, Chubby Mouse!

A new plush pattern is now available! This cute chubby mouse pattern is very versatile! You can use it for fanart or original creations ^_^

Now available through the "Patterns" tab or on my etsy shop!

New Video, Dedenne Plush Timelapse!

New Sewing Tutorial Video!

Commissions Closed

Plush commissions are now closed and I'm excited for all these great projects! Thanks to everyone who ordered or showed interest! ^_^

Commissions Opening June 20th

Feel free to ask me for a quote ahead of time! You can email me direct at

Mermaid Plush Sewing Pattern Also available on:


Etsy | Craftsy

Now you can make your own mystical mermaid plush doll!...

Overwatch D.Va Plush On Sale

D.Va is for sale now! Check the Shop link above, or click here:

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