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Thanks everyone!

Ponycon and Ponies for Sale!

Hi guys! This past weekend I attended Ponycon in Brooklyn as a vendor! The show was pretty good and I met some awesome people! I ended up having some plush left-over that are looking for homes so check out the store to see what I have! You can also click here to see the store

Note about the photo: There is a large filly Rarity in this picture, she is made by Happy Kitty Shop! Everything else you see was handmade by myself :)

Preparing for Ponycon and Plush Panel!

I'm currently preparing for Ponycon on Valentine's Day weekend! Not only will I have plushies for sale but I'm also gonna be doing a panel all about making your own plushies with another artist named Nerdy Mind!

So if you'll be there, come by my booth and say hello and come to the panel (11am Sunday) if you want to know all about what goes into making a plush!

Introducing... Eggwala!

Hello everyone! May I introduce you to this lil' guy? His name is.. Eggwala!

Eggwala is an egg koala! Be careful next time you go to crack an egg, it might be cute little Eggwala!

He will be made into a plushie! I can't wait to show you all :D

Thanks to Spoonyliger for providing the artwork <3

Name Change to Dollphinwing and new site!

Hello!! Welcome to my very own website! I'm so happy you're here! Please take a moment and look around, I have a store and gallery, as well as an order form and contact form! You can also check the "Events" tab where there is a calendar of events such as which conventions I'm going to and when commissions open up!

And if you haven't noticed.. I changed my name! It's not a big change, only a one letter difference. But I think it suits me a little better and is more unique! I hope you like the new name as much as I do!

Goodbye for now, thanks for checkin out the site!

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