New Circus Seal Plush Pattern

There's a new pattern available! Make an adorable circus performing seal plush!

Find it here:

It is also available on Craftsy:

Pokemon Rowlet Plush

Rowlet the new Grass starter from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

This plush has been sold. Check back for more in a couple weeks!

My Little Pony Auctions

My Little Pony plushie auctions are going until Wednesday night. Now is a great chance to get handmade pony plushies for a low price! The Fluttershy is signed, and there are two one-of-a-kind Rarity plush available as well.

Commissions Opening May 9th

Commissions will open again on May 9th! I will take 5 orders. Feel free to ask for a quote anytime before this date:

You can ask for a quote by contacting me at or the "Contact" tab above.

This is your last chance to get a custom plush from me before I close indefinitely!

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