Mysterious Plushies Have Appeared..

Who could these two be I wonder?? It's a mystery!

Stay tuned for more details!

Standing Cat Plushie Sewing Pattern

You asked for it, now the cat pattern is here in standing form! $11.00



Cute Kitty Beanie Plush Pattern

Kitty beanie plush pattern, beginner friendly! $5.25



Chibi Person Plushie Sewing Pattern

This chibi pattern is great for all kinds of dolls! $6.75



Pony Mare Plushie Sewing Pattern

Pony body in the style of My Little Pony! $10.00



Fox Plushie Sewing Pattern

Versatile fox pattern, great for fanart! $10.75

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Sitting Cat Plushie Sewing Pattern

Sitting Cat pattern, so cute! $12.00


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Squid Friend Clothing Bundle Pack

This bundle packs has everything you need to make squid girls! $16.00



Alicorn Princess Plushie Sewing Pattern

Alicorn princess! In the style of My Little Pony $12.75


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