Circus Seal Plushie Sewing Pattern

Make your own circus seal! Can also be used for fanart ^_^  $8.50


Squid Friend Plushie Sewing Pattern

Cute Squid friend plushie pattern! Use for original characters or fanart! $10.95


Dolphin Plushie Sewing Pattern

Make some cute dolphins with this sewing pattern! $9.00


Bunny Rabbit Plushie Sewing Pattern

Bunny pattern to make lots of adorable bunnies! $10.00


My Little Pony Mane and Tails Pattern Main Cast 1

Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy manes and tails! $5.00


New Dolphin Plush Sewing Pattern

New pattern out! Make some dolphins :D

Buy Sewing Pattern

Also available on Etsy:

New Circus Seal Plush Pattern

There's a new pattern available! Make an adorable circus performing seal plush!

Find it here:

It is also available on Craftsy:

Cute Kitty Beanie Pattern Now Available

This cute cat beanie pattern is perfect for fanart or original designs. It also comes with embroidery files to help you create your plushie! The pattern is also beginner friendly.

It is available through the 'Patterns' tab above or by clicking this link:

New Bunny Rabbit Sewing Pattern

This new bunny plushie pattern has just been released! And just in time for Easter! Choose between a standing and laying bunny rabbit and make yourself a new cuddly friend :)

Available now via the 'Patterns' button or this link:

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