Sitting Cat Plushie Sewing Pattern

Sitting Cat pattern, so cute! $12.00


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Alicorn Princess Plushie Sewing Pattern

Alicorn princess! In the style of My Little Pony $12.75


Circus Seal Plushie Sewing Pattern

Make your own circus seal! Can also be used for fanart ^_^  $8.50


Squid Friend Plushie Sewing Pattern

Cute Squid friend plushie pattern! Use for original characters or fanart! $10.95


Dolphin Plushie Sewing Pattern

Make some cute dolphins with this sewing pattern! $9.00


Bunny Rabbit Plushie Sewing Pattern

Bunny pattern to make lots of adorable bunnies! $10.00


My Little Pony Mane and Tails Pattern Main Cast 1

Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy manes and tails! $5.00


New Dolphin Plush Sewing Pattern

New pattern out! Make some dolphins :D

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New Circus Seal Plush Pattern

There's a new pattern available! Make an adorable circus performing seal plush!

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It is also available on Craftsy:

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