Korok Plush Pattern Available Now

New pattern is out! Koroks from the Legend of Zelda! It's a partial in the hoop pattern so you will need an embroidery machine to use it to the fullest.

Get it here or by clicking "Shop" above: https://www.etsy.com/listing/577673123/forest-sprite-plushie-ith-sewing-...

Pearl Splatoon 2

Pearl is here!

She and Marina will be available next month.

New Video, Dedenne Plush Timelapse!

Overwatch D.Va Plush On Sale

D.Va is for sale now! Check the Shop link above, or click here: http://dollphinwing.tictail.com/products

Ampharos Plush Sewing Pattern

Ampharos pattern is here! Now you can make your own cute little Ampharos plush! $10.50


Pokemon Sylveon Plushie Sewing Pattern

Sylveon is finally here for everyone! Create adorable Sylveon plush with this! $12.00



Also available on:

Etsy |...

New Plush Pattern and Hamtaro!

A new plushie pattern is out! It's super versatile and cute!

I made this Hamtaro-inspired plush using it, he's for sale in the shop :)

The pattern is also available under "patterns" or through etsy!


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