Eggwala is HERE!

Eggwala has arrived! The Kickstarter rewards have been (mostly) shipped! You can order Eggwala now and have him in just a few days! He makes a great gift for the upcoming holidays too! :D

You can get your own Eggy here:

Or by clicking "store" on the top or right hand columns.

Eggwala Kickstarter Last Week!!

The campaign is going now! It's in the last week so it's your last chance to be part of the project!

Introducing... Eggwala!

Hello everyone! May I introduce you to this lil' guy? His name is.. Eggwala!

Eggwala is an egg koala! Be careful next time you go to crack an egg, it might be cute little Eggwala!

He will be made into a plushie! I can't wait to show you all :D

Thanks to Spoonyliger for providing the artwork <3

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