Pony Mare Plushie Sewing Pattern

Pony body in the style of My Little Pony! $10.00



Alicorn Princess Plushie Sewing Pattern

Alicorn princess! In the style of My Little Pony $12.75


My Little Pony Mane and Tails Pattern Main Cast 1

Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy manes and tails! $5.00


Preparing for Ponycon and Plush Panel!

I'm currently preparing for Ponycon on Valentine's Day weekend! Not only will I have plushies for sale but I'm also gonna be doing a panel all about making your own plushies with another artist named Nerdy Mind!

So if you'll be there, come by my booth and say hello and come to the panel (11am Sunday) if you want to know all about what goes into making a plush!

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