Alicorn Plushie Sewing Pattern

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Create your own Alicorn Princess plushie!

Pattern comes as a PDF file.

-eyes and cutie mark
-horn and open wings
-body and head
-Does NOT include closed wings or mane and tail
-Does NOT include Seam Allowance

Best results with minky.

Finished product will make a 18"-19" (not including horn) plush! Size is proportional to the regular pony pattern.

Difficulty: ****
* - easy, beginners will have no trouble
** - not as easy for beginners but simple enough
*** - intermediate, need sewing skills
**** - difficult, best if you have prior plush experience
***** - challenging, best if you have good experience making plush/sewing

Feel free to sell what you make! DO NOT distribute pattern itself whether selling or sharing!

Credits for Celestias made by others: