Price Guide

Price Guide for Commissions:



1. OC pinup style: In progress
2. OC: Pattern Testing/In progress
3. Skitty: Finished
4. Peach: Not started


- Human dolls are made with a variety of materials and feature embroidered faces and details.

Lanky style - 12" tall



Pin up style - 15-16" tall




Made with minky and embroidered eyes/details

Price depends on the pokemon design





Made with minky and embroidered details. May use other types of material depending on character design.

Foxes/Wolves/Dogs - 11-14" tall

Price depends on design




Desired Projects:

These are plush I'd really love to make! If you commission one of these characters you'll get a discount. 

2B in pin up style: $320

Morrigan in pin up style: $250

Pokemon Nickit: $120




The total payment is due before I start any work. Payment plans are available, please mention in your e-mail if you'd like to do a plan. Please pay off the total within 3 months, deposit required to reserve your spot.

Won't Make:

I will not make gore, mecha, genitalia or Disney characters. Pretty much everything else is ok!


You'll be placed in a queue, the time to completion of your plush can be between 3 weeks to 2 months depending on complexity and your place in line. I do tend to jump around projects so I may start on your plush even if you're last in line, but I will not finish it before others ahead of you.


Shipping within the U.S. is bundled into the total price of your commission. International shipping is charged separately and generally costs between $15-30 USD.