Chubby Mouse Plush Sewing Pattern PDF

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Make an adorable chubby mouse with this digital sewing pattern! It's perfect for kawaii style plush or fanart!

PDF file includes:

- Template to make the plush seen above
- Instructions to put it together
- Does NOT include seam allowance
- Dedenne parts NOT included

It can be printed on standard printer paper measuring 8.5"x11" or A4 size

Best results with minky.

Finished product measures about 7" tall or 9" when you include the ears.

This pattern assumes you have prior knowledge of sewing and may be challenging for beginners.

Difficulty: **
* - easy, beginners will have no trouble
** - not as easy for beginners but simple enough
*** - intermediate, need sewing skills
**** - difficult, best if you have prior plush experience
***** - challenging, best if you have good experience making plush/sewing

You may sell what you make, but cannot re-distribute the pattern itself.

Patterned fabric by Gail Mcneillie: