Kitty Beanie Plushie Sewing Pattern

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Now you can make cute cats with this digital sewing pattern!

You can make original designs, fanart or your own pet kitty!

This pattern includes:

-Template pattern to make a kitty beanie plush (Includes pieces with and without seam allowance)
-Directions to sew it together including color photos
-Embroidery files to make the face
-Embroidery comes in .pes, .jef and .xxx
-Size of finished embroidered face is 1.86 inches in length
-Embroidery is sized to fit the pattern template

Best results with minky but you can use fleece!

Finished product measures about 4-5" in height.

This pattern is beginner friendly!

Difficulty: *
* - easy, beginners will have no trouble
** - not as easy for beginners but simple enough
*** - intermediate, need sewing skills
**** - difficult, best if you have prior plush experience
***** - challenging, best if you have good experience making plush/sewing

You may sell what you make, but cannot re-distribute the pattern itself.