Owl Plushie Sewing Pattern
Owl Plushie Sewing Pattern
Owl Plushie Sewing Pattern
Owl Plushie Sewing Pattern
Owl Plushie Sewing Pattern

Owl Plushie Sewing Pattern

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Make your very own cute owl plush using this digital sewing pattern! Great for making gifts or even your favorite characters!

This pattern includes:

- Template pattern to make an owl plush
- Directions to sew it together including color photos
- Ways to make an open and closed beak
- Seam allowance

Finished product measures about 8" tall.

This pattern assumes you have prior knowledge of sewing. Some small parts may be challenging for beginners to sew.

 A download link will be sent to the e-mail you checkout with, be sure to look in your spam or junk folder!

If you need help, feel free to reach out to dollphinwing@gmail.com

Difficulty: **
* - easy, beginners will have no trouble
** - not as easy for beginners but simple enough
*** - intermediate, need sewing skills
**** - difficult, best if you have prior plush experience
***** - challenging, best if you have good experience making plush/sewing


You may sell what you make, but cannot re-distribute the pattern itself. Please tag @dollphinwing on social media so I can see and share your creations!

If you have questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at dollphinwing@gmail.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!



Q: Why are custom plushies so expensive?

A: Custom plushies are priced by the time and skill it takes to create one. There are materials and utility costs as well as the labour and skill level of the artist.


Q: Why should I buy a sewing pattern instead of drafting my own?


A: Buying a sewing pattern instead of drafting it yourself can save a lot of time and money. It takes a certain amount of skill to draft a pattern and it usually needs to be tested a few times. Plus the cost of materials from said testing can add up.


Q: Can I sell my work using your sewing patterns?

A: Yes! You can sell anything you make yourself using my patterns. Please credit when posting to social media, and don't share or send them for factory mass production.


Q: How will I get my pattern purchase?

A: All sewing and embroidery files are in either PDF or ZIP format and delivered to your e-mail address instantly! It should be from "Dollphinwing" with subject "Your downloads are ready" and may also go into your spam or junk folder so be sure to check there. If you think you may have made a typo in your email address, please let me know where to send your files by e-mailing dollphinwing@gmail.com
Due to the patterns being digital, refunds are not available.


Q: Do you update your patterns?

A: Sometimes patterns get updates. Once you purchase a pattern, all future updates are free and delivered automatically to your e-mail address.


Q: When will you have this plush available again?

A: I often restock popular plush. Follow my social media or join my mailing list to get updates on restocks and new plushies and patterns!


Q: Do you do commissions?

A: I don't take commissions or custom plush orders.

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Customer Reviews

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I did it!!

It turned out so cute!!

I was able to follow all of the instructions easily. The pattern pieces are so perfect - this is a very well put-together pattern and instruction.

It was my first time making a plush, though I've sewn some other things before, and I did it all by hand.