Free Riolu Pattern!

free plush pattern riolu sewing pattern

Want to make a cute lil Riolu? Here's a free sewing pattern for you!

Linked right here:

You can input "$0" or throw me a tip if you like! Be sure to add your own seam allowance!



Here's text instructions:

Basically you need to color block the head, body, and gusset first, then sew the darts together on body and head pieces.
Once the body darts are sewn you can sew the two together, and keep the neck open on top.

The eyes can be appliqued onto the head pieces with a whip stitch. Then line up the gusset with the head starting from the tip of the grey part of the nose and go all the way round.

The tail, arms, legs, ears and ear flops can all be sewn right sides together and leave the top part open to turn and stuff. Applique a white circle to the arms before sewing together. The bottom of the leg can be sewn together or leave it open to sew a foot pad on the bottom to make a more 3D shape if you want. 

After all the pieces are sewn and stuffed you can attach them all using a ladder stitch. For finishing touches, thread sculpt a mouth, fingers and toes. Cut a strip of fabric for the collar and fold it over, then attach to the neck.

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