Plush Making Video Tutorials

sewing tutorial tutorial video

Are you making your very first plushie? Or maybe you have made some but are still new to sewing and plush-making? Here’s a list of videos that will show you some tips and tricks including common stitches and techniques. Watching even a few of these will give you the tools to make your next plush amazingly adorable!


Various Stitches:


Ladder Stitch:


Whip Stitch:


Satin/Zigzag Stitch:


Blanket Stitch:



Adding eyes/faces without an embroidery machine:



Printing Fabric:


Free Motion Embroidery:


Thread Sculpting Details:



Other Helpful Tutorials:

Patterning Doll Hair:


Easing to Fit:


Pinning Slippery Fabrics:


Turning Pieces Right Side Out:


Using Magnets Inside a Plush:


Of course more will be added to this list as I come across helpful videos and advice! Did this list help you out?

Be sure to check out the best tools to use when making a plushie right here!

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